QledX LED screen X-IORP3.9 50 x 50

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Application: Indoor and Outdoor
Brightness: 7000 Nits
Pixel pitch: 3.9 mm
Size: 50 x 50
Construction: Rental
Weight: 10 kg
Power consumption: max600 Watts per m2 (230V)
Material housing: Die-cast frame

QledX Xperience series

The QledX Xperience series: 'The King of the Jungle' under the LED screens. Super sharp and eye for details. The most high-quality electronics components are used here to ensure a 24/7 use. The design of the Xperience series is a Dutch Design, with a QledX signature. The LED screen is modular, making service and maintenance very easy and fast.

The colour fastness of the Xperience series is true to nature, an experience to watch. In the Xperience series, large LED screens can be built in Full HD, 4K to even 8K.

All Xperience models feature QledX Black surface SMD LEDs for a high contrast value: black is truly black. Suitable for companies and organizations that place high demands on the equipment.

Patented QledX Black Surface SMD LED
For very intensive 24/7 use.
Lifespan LED over 100,000 burn hours.
Durable plastic or die-cast LED display panels
Warranty: 7 year QledX Xperience warranty.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 cm