About QledX

Since 1984

QledX is a Dutch company for which entrepreneur Edward Petrovics already laid the foundations for professional audiovisual services in 1984. In 2008 a serious start was made with the rental and sale of large LED screens in the Netherlands.

QledX works with a number of manufacturers in LED technology for specific components and components. Three price/quality standards have been determined, each with its own target group and application: The Economic series; budget-friendly, less intensive use. The Professional series; for professional intensive use. The Xperience series; for high-end user and absolute reliability.   

QledX has grown into a network of dealers throughout the Netherlands and western Europe. Together with these ambassadors, we are proud to work on the QledX brand.

QledX large LED screens can be found among others at:


QledX’s mission is clear; A large format professional LED screen for everyone to realize. We do this by renting out AND selling LED screens in various sizes and price ranges, but always with the Q of Quality and a warranty up to 7 years. In addition, we offer LED screens in budget-friendly lease.

The X stands for Xtra large, modular to build from 3 to 300 square meters of video screen. The QledX video LED screens have impact through large size and perfection to detail, with various quality pixel resolutions for every budget, from HD to ultra 4K (or even higher). With enormous brightness (up to 13,000 Nits), impressive, crystal clear, sharp and colourful even in full sunlight.

The Professional Choice

QledX is the choice of many leading professionals. It is not for nothing that the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam has chosen a QledX screen. In the museum shop there is a unique LED wall as a living painting. An LED screen at a 90 degree angle and an obliquely sloping top. This is followed by continuous artistic animations of the paintings ven Van Gogh. A frosted glass plate in front of the LED screen gives the living LED wall a surreal look.


Service and quality
Whether you buy or rent an LED screen, QledX stands for quality. This is endorsed by a factory warranty of up to 7 years. All parts of all supplied LED screens are kept in stock for at least 10 years. For interference and service there is a special telephone number so that in the exceptional case of emergency you can come to us. The dealers receive special training and training so that they can provide adequate service and maintenance to the QledX LED screens.


“Since 1984 I have seen all the developments in the field of image up close. This has resulted in the development of the QledX brand. Together with our extensive dealernetwek, we make LED screens feasible for everyone.”


Edward Petrovics – CEO QledX Europe