Here you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions about the purchase of an LED screen. If your question is not included, you can always contact the nearest QledX Authorized Dealer.

General questions

Can I create or outsource content for the screen myself?<br />

You're already busy enough. We understand that. There are plenty of specialized companies that can create good content for you for your LED screen at an attractive price. QledX has a good relationship with partners in content and narrowcasting. We can help and advise you with this. This allows you to deal with the things that need your attention and you can also enjoy the benefits of a nice large size LED screen.

Is an LED screen sharp enough?

When buying or renting an LED screen, you should take into account the minimum distance between the screen and the viewer. For example, if the minimum viewing distance is 3 meters, you won't see the loose LEDs. Because the LED screens are of large size, you can get them in HD and even in 4K Full HD. The QledX PRO series works with a very small distance between the LEDs, giving you a razor-sharp image with an LED screen.

<br /> Do I need special equipment to use an LED screen?

No, a large format LED screen works as easily as connecting a computer display or beamer. You can easily connect different sources such as a computer or laptop, a DVD player or a video mixer. You can just use your powerpoint or play a youtube movie or DVD.

Is the operation or use of an LED screen complicated?<br />

Using an LED screen is as easy as using a computer monitor. You can even remotely set the image of the LED screen. Whether you want to play a video or a powerpoint presentation. It's easy to realize.

Financial and Authorisation

How much power does an LED screen consume?<br />

LED technology is a modern technique in which almost all power is converted into light. Therefore, most LED screens can simply be connected to a normal socket. In addition, you can set the light intensity of the screen yourself. At night, the screens are usually set to only 15 percent of the luminosity capacity. An indoor screen of 4 square meters, for example, costs only 1.5 euros per day in power.

Is an LED screen interesting if you don't have an A1 location?

A large size LED screen is of added value to any business. Do you initially think of your potential customers. A large large LED screen makes an immediate professional impression. This increases your reliability and appearance as a company. After all, you have already given an indelible good impression before the customer steps through the door.  A customer will be more likely to do business with you.

What are the maintenance costs for an LED screen<br /> ?

Due to the high quality of the QledX LED screens, you do not have maintenance on an LED screen. The LEDs in the screen last 100,000 burn hours. That's a life span of more than 30 years in a day at 8 hours of use in a day! On our QledX PRO screens we give you a 7 year warranty. This allows you to use your large size LED screen without any care.

Do I need a permit to install an LED screen?

A permit for an LED screen is not always necessary. For an event this is covered by the event permit. A mobile LED screen (on trailer or pickup truck) can leave you in one place for three days. No permit is required for an LED screen inside and in the shop window.  A permanent LED screen outside the building or on-site premises requires a permit.
You can apply for an environmental permit from your municipality. We want to help you with this.

Can I also lease an LED screen?<br />

Sure. If you do not have sufficient liquidity directly or you do not want to address your financial reserve directly, you can already have an LED screen immediately. For a small amount per month. QledX offers Financial lease; 12 to 60 months a small amount. The LED screen is your property from day one. QledX operational lease goes a step further: This possibility completely relieves you. A relatively small fixed monthly fee for use, maintenance, repairs and service.
At the end of the lifetime, the screen will be replaced for a new LED screen.

How do you determine which screen is right for you?

What is the Location of the screen?

The location of the screen is of great importance. You can choose from an indoor or outdoor screen. An outdoor LED screen (also called outdoor) is naturally waterproof.

In addition, it is possible to mount a screen on the roof, on the wall or on a column or pole. So indicate where the screen should be located or hang. 

What is the Minimum viewing distance of the LED screen?

From how close should the screen be readable and sharp? An LED screen works with a so-called pixel pitch. This is the distance between the loose pixels. The smaller this distance, the sharper an LED screen is at a certain distance. If the nearest viewer is 5 meters away to the screen, you can finish with a greater pixel distance than if someone is 2 meters away. While the sharpness is the same for both viewers.

What is the Purpose of the screen?

Based on the answer to this question, it can be determined what requirements a screen must meet. An LED screen on the highway for passing motorists must again meet conditions other than a screen that people are looking at from two metres away. 

What should be the Size of the LED screen?

This can be indicated in a length and width. The size of the LED screen is also related to what you have for purpose with the screen. Is it text or is it image? With text, it may be good to take into account the distance from which it should be readable. This should change the size of the text and therefore the size of the LED screen.


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