The brightest and the lightest.
Indoor and outdoor 5 years warranty

Professional series brightness up to 13.000 nits. Less weight 20kg kg/m2.

QledX stands for Quality LED screen eXtra large. Since 2009 we manufacture large LED screen display for rental, mobile and fixed solutions. We have our own research and development to create customized solutions. For various indoor and outdoor applications like professional audiovisual, sport, advertising industry, stores and shopping, crowd- and traffic control. To emphasize our quality, we give 5 year warranty on our ledscreen products. We deliver all spare parts from stock and keep them at least 10 years for support.

Free QledX tablet for remote control

For all QledX ledscreen, small, large, indoor, outdoor, we supply a nice handy QledX tablet with Windows 10 and QledX program ledsoftware pre-installed to run and control the ledscreen remote and wireless. You can use this remote tablet local (near the ledscreen) but also from all workspot with internet. Special for you a unique present from QledX.

Highlights QledX ledscreen

  • Brightness up to 13.000 nits
  • Less weight 20kg/m2
  • Own research & development
  • Easy and smooth construction
  • User friendly software
  • 5 years warranty
  • All spare parts on stock
  • Distribution all over Europe