QledX large led screens. Company information, mission and vision of led screens

About QledX led monitors

QledX is a wonderful brand with a diversity of professional led display showing products. The manufacturer of QledX is located in Shenzhen and the led products are imported by QledX Europe. For the Netherlands provided AVC Support the sales and distribution.

QledX has two product groups; the ‘ Professional ‘ series for sustainable and intensive use, and in addition a ‘ Budget ‘ series and affordable alternative to less intensive use.

QledX for the Netherlands and the rest of Europe has its own technical service for maintenance and service. All the same parts as spare-part stock. This is to ensure the reliability and continuity. AVC Support

The company AVC Support is established in 1984. In the beginning active with CRT large screen video projection. Now is AVC Support an all-round audiovisual company focusing on led screens QledX rental, sales, mobile led screens led screens and fixed installations. We also design and create all kinds of special products. Sinds 1984 is er een duurzaam klantenbestand opgebouwd. Veel van deze klanten weten nog steeds de weg naar AVC Support te vinden, hetgeen onze betrouwbaarheid onderstreept.

Our vision and mission

With our years of experience and market knowledge of led screens, we are like meritorious for businesses, institutions, Government, associations and private individuals. We proudly introduce our motto “We beam your presentation” either We let your presentation “rays”.

Our goal is to deliver high-quality, yet affordable solutions with large led screens for all kinds of applications. Our added value lies in the early thinking, where we want to be with distinctive creative and eye-catching formats led screens.